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Opened 7 weeks ago

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Russian Hill

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Bayview-Hunters Point

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Tomorrow is National Burger Day 🍔

Can you imagine if burgers had never been invented? Fries would be lonesome. Catsup (ketchup?) would be useless. And beer? We won’t even go there. Thankfully, the burger was invented and is so widely adored, there’s an entire day dedicated to its glory. Ready for your next burger? From meatless to melty and everything in between, find the perfect burger with this Collection, and enjoy it from the safety of your pk彩票app. Hope you’re doing well, everyone.

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Virtual Yelp Event: HIIT Happens with Project Fit

If all this Sheltering-in-Place has added some unwanted pounds, then you'll want to join Leonie LaPoint (owner of Project Fit) and your fellow Yelpers for this virtual "HIIT Happens" workout. High-intensity Interval Training (aka HITT) is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up + burns more fat in less time. Leonie's virtual workout will have strength circuits and cover most major muscle groups. There will also be some cardio drills to get your heart rate up. It will start with a 5 minute warm up and end with a 5 minute stretch. The whole class will last just 30 minutes (but trust me, you'll be sweating and feeling good). Leonie will also answer any fitness questions you might have post-workout! WHEN: Saturday, June 6th at 10am. WHERE: Your pk彩票app! We'll be connecting virtually via Zoom. What you will need: - Desktop, laptop or phone with ability to access Zoom. - light dumbbells (filled water bottles or wine bottles will work as well) - an exercise mat (optional) - enough space in your place to move around a bit - a good attitude and the willingness to give it your all! IMPORTANT DETAILS: + Confirmations will be sent on or around Wednesday, June 3rd. + If interested, please RSVP ASAP. + This class will be hosted virtually on Zoom. We will provide you with a unique URL to join our workout in the confirmation email. * Downloading Zoom is not required to participate. + When logging into the class, you'll be asked to enter a name - please use your First Name and Last Initial (just like on Yelp). Since there will be quite a few attendees, please be aware that you may be muted upon joining the class, but we'll be able to unmute you for the Q&A at the end of the demo. About Leonie LaPoint: Leonie is a Certified Master by NASM and over 8 years of experience training clients, as well as teaching small and large group exercise and spin classes. She is also currently studying for her Nutrition Coach license. "My passion is to get people to move. Exercise is critical for us right now with so many uncertainties and stresses. It elevates our spirits, and we need to keep our muscles strong!"

Sat, Jun 6, 10:00 am - 10:30 am

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pk彩票app5.0 star rating

Oh how the cheese melt and the sweet pineapples graze the honey tomatoes in my mouth. Just can't get enough. Haven't got any pizza since the SIP in place as to me pizza taste best when I get out, order and eat them fresh from the oven. Burgers and pizzas, I don't believe in delivery. Two months without pizza, I decided to take a leap in faith and ordered in. After looking over places that open late, The Slice Pizza s... Continue reading

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